I couldnt see the guns but they were evidently firing directly over us. It was a nuisance to have them there but it was a comfort that they were no bigger. (E. Hemingway)


to sink in - to penetrate, to deeply in


1. He waited to let the importance of this bit sink in. (S. Heym)

2. He paused to let my reply sink in to my mind, not to his. (Gr. Greene)

3. Make a little pause. Give the facts a chance to sink in. (S. Heym)


to be a credit to to be a source of honour

(to be) to one`s credit to be a proof or illustration of some good quality

to do somebody credit to show that one deserves honour or good reputation


1. And then the first time we went surfing together you took on some of the waves I let pass. Oh, that! Its no credit to me. I lived in the surf when I was a kiddy I won runs in heavy surf where I couldnt win in still water.

2. The second generation of Forsytes felt indeed that he (Dorset Forsyte) was no greatly to their credit. (J. Galsworthy)

3. But when I say a thing I mean it; when I feel sentiment I feel it in earnest; and what I value I pay hard money for. Thats the sort of man I am. It does you great credit, Im sure. (B. Shaw)


A: Jane, whats up? I can see youve been crying. Your eyes are all red and swollen. Ten to one youve again had a quarrel with your parents.

B: Youre not mistaken, Maggie. Im fed up with their remarks. Catch me going home today. Id prefer to spend the night in the street.

A:Jane, dont talk nonsence. I suppose your parents wish you only good. Its quite natural that sometimes your points of view are not alike. Its better to be on friendly terms with them. If you put two and two together youll understand that we are to take the rough with the smooth. Life is too short to waste it on giving way to your anger. By the way, whats happened this time?

B: At last youve asked about it. Once you start teaching me theres no stopping you. I wont go into details in order to save your time. Yesterday in the morning I asked my mother to let me go to the disco with my new boy friend. She agreed. The whole day I had been as pleased as Punch. But in the evening my good mood was put an end to.

A: Did your boy friend let you down?

B: Of course, not. Why are you so slow in the uptake? I said the problem was with the parents and not with the boy friend.

A: Would you take yourself in hand? Its not my fault that youve got in a mess. At heart I feel for you very much. So, calm down and go on, please.

B: Sorry. It was the last straw. When I returned home to put on my new dress which had cost me a pretty penny, my father told me that I wouldnt go anywhere as he wanted to ask me to do something about the house.

A: You dont say so! I suppose you were rather taken aback.

B: Oh, yes, I needed several minutes to let my fathers words sink in. Then I went crazy and simply turned on him. I told him different awful things, that he was a nuisance, that he was slow in the uptake and he didnt know me from Adam. I shouted that he didnt understand my problems at all and that I preferred to live on my own than with them.

A: Oh, Jane, you shouldnt have behaved in such a way.

B: I know. Now I regret it already.

A:Thanks Heaven! Youve started to talk sense at last!

B: Its a credit to you! If I hadnt met you I wouldnt have realized what a silly thing Ive done. Id better go home right now and ask my father to forgive me. Bye-bye.

A: Good luck!

I. Translate into Russian


1. Were you going with these women while you were taking me out? Sure, he said, glad to hurt her. Can't she put two and two together? he thought. (A. Sillitoe)

Her fathers face was impassive, as was natural, for he didnt know the young man from Adam. (J. Galsworthy)

3. There was something jolly and careless about her, she was quick in the uptake, chatty. (W.S. Maugham)

4. and its ten to one hell be up to his neck in conspiracy before hes been in Tashkent a week. (R. Fox)

5. It was useless arguing with Jan when she looked like that. You couldnt talk sense to her. (D. Cusack)

6. And yet, men who gave way to their appetites for noveltynew risks, these suffered, no doubt. (J. Galsworthy)

7. I can take it then that youll see this young man comes back to school tomorrow? Ill certainly put it to him, said Shurin, a little taken aback by the direct attack. (R. Fox)

8. Tears were running down Evans cheek, his entire body was shaking with his effort not to give way. (A. Cronin)

9. He saw very well what was passing in their minds, a newcomer making himself a nuisance. (J. Galsworthy)

10. But a lot of luggage is such a nuisance. (B. Shaw)

11. He waited to let the importance of this bit sink in. (S. Heym)

12. It just shows that if you bring somebody right theyll be a credit to you. (W.S. Maugham)

13. its the more to his credit that he behaved well. (H. James)

II. Paraphrase the following sentences using the idioms studied


1. Theres no point in talking me into introducing you to him. I dont know him at all.

2. Im almost certain he wont in the least be put about for he takes everything in his stride; lucky fellow, that.

3. Of course nothing definite has been said , but by piecing together the scraps of conversation Ive heard Im sure our exams will not begin before the 25th of April.

4. Its the only time I heard him say something reasonable.

5. She has a good had on her shoulders, she quickly grasps things.

6. When young Jolyon was asked by his father to identify the body of Bosinney he was very much surprised.

7. Christine knows that she must not lose control of herself.

8. The dog was causing everybody so much trouble we had to get rid of him.

9. He spoke slowly and emphatically he wanted his words to go deep down into the minds of all those present.

10. Consistently pursuing the policy of peace is to the honour of our country.

11. Peter is always ready to lend a hand. He deserves to be praised.

12. He is the pride of our family.


III. Answer the following questions using the idioms studied

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