The Existing Stereotypes About Male and Female Roles in Family. My Attitude towards Such Ideas

In our time a great part of existing stereotypes about male and female roles in family doesn`t work, but some of them was reformed and still take strong position in society. Well-known that man should be breadwinner and defender of the family. He has to do all hard work. On the contrary, woman must be housewife, babysitter and the soul of the family. All this stereotypes I call positive, because it reflects basic nature of sexes: father should be strong and brave, mother – tender, womanly and placid. The main chief is not to run to extremes. All should be harmoniously and, of course, in some cases wife could be a breadwinner, but I don`t like when woman cut a wood. You must know only when to stop.

The Most Memorable Travel I Have ever Had

I had unbelievable trip in Carpathian mountains two years ago. Notwithstanding awful weather, we have been there all three days and reach the peaks of 3 mountains: Goverla, Syniak and Homjak. It was incredible: field kitchen, faithful friends, guitar songs near the fireside and unsurpassed mountain nature. In the evening we was foolish and play joyful games, in the night we slept like babies after exhausting day and in the morning we were ready to conquer new tops again. Active rest in nature's lap was exactly what I need after large piece of time in technological disaster, that we called `living in a city`. Crawling throw Carpathian mountains healed both my mind and soul. Thus, that travel will keep in my memory for long-long time.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Staying in Hotel And at Camp Site

The main advantage of staying in hotel is comfortable conditions of living and the privilege of having rest at camp site is closeness to the nature. Hotel can provide you with warm bed, delicious full board, shower and many other obtainings of civilizations. In hotel you don`t worry about luggage – all your requirements will be satisfied by the whole army of staff: desk clerk, doorman, chambermaid or manager of the hotel. However you must pay for all this conveniences and this is the principal cons of such kind of rest. Notwithstanding this, camp site has many merits: fresh air, healthy food, activity, satisfaction from extreme living condition, but of course there are some disadvantages: hard bed, cold night, mosquitoes, untasty food, tent full of holes during the rain and full of people that annoying you. Nobody can determine where is more advantages. Everybody must decide it personally.

What is More Important for a Marriage to Last: Physical Attraction or Common Interests and Shared Views?

Common interests and shared views are more important in building relationship than physical attraction, because beauty is not enough for love. Successful marriage requires communications and deep bond. If your matrimony will be based only on comely appearance, your marriage would collapsed immediately after honeymoon or would undermined yours or your partner`s mistress, because people who have not common values and beliefs annoyed one another after some time of living in couple. It is well-known that love consists of two parts: physical attraction and spiritual linkage. Without one of this components marriage will be doomed. Thereafterfore, common interests are undoubtedly more important for marriage to last.

Why is important for a child to have both parents? Comparison of the roles which a father and a mother have in raising a child

For raising normal and healthy child needs both parents. When child is raising only by mother there will be a lot of problems with his or her character. If it is a boy he will be weak and characterless because he hadn’t a father and mother wasn’t strict for him. For girl who was raising only by mother its difficult to. It is a special relations between father and daughter that’s why girls without fathers are very unhappy and melancholy. Children without mother are thirsty for kindness. If child has both parents, understanding between the members of the family and consideration for others are very important in relationship. Tenderness, warm-heartedness and respect must always be present in the family to make it friendly and happy. So, the child will be full value person if he has both parents.


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Describing of the Appearance of Someone Who is Special for Me

I want to describe my spiritual mentor, Alexander. He is well-built, stout, shouldered and short. His shapely physique reflect rude health and exceptional strength. He has sparkling eyes, thin eyebrow, high forehead and ridiculous moustache, that makes his appearance very strange. He looks like philosopher who practice bodybuilding. Curly hair of black complexion is very unsuitable to his appearance. Square chin and little mouse affirm that this man has unbelievable will-power. He always wears the same old, but tidy clothes and this makes him mysterious and charismatic. So, that is how looks someone who is special for me.

You Are What You Wear

Our personality totally reflects in our routine life, in all our habits and in behaviour and especially in our clothes. Garment could tell us much more than we think about his owner. For example, old-fashioned clothes signify that man is conservator and belong to old elite. Another important thing is price. Stylish tuxedo with bow tie and shiny shoes means that owner have great power and influence in society. On the contrary, loose, baggy clothes tell that man love comfort and don`t want to sacrifice oneself due to emboding of ambition. Color also can give some information, for instance extravert wears flowery and spot trousers and T-short and introvert prefers more monotonous clothes. All in all, people are what they wear and we should only to be attentive.

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