Interrelation Between Peoples Appearance and Personality

Appearance and personality is strongly connected conception. There is even science – chiromancy, witch research connection between our facial features and treats of our character. For example, generous (large) mouse said that person like to talk very much. Very clever people have high forehead with wrinkles, if there are many wrinkles – personal disposed to deep self-analysis. Hardworking people have deep seated eyes. But we couldn’t definitely interpret all features, because there is considerable differences between people from difference nations and cultures. For example, almost all Georgians have linked eyebrows, but it doesn’t means that all Georgians are simple-hearted, it’s just national special feature. Consequently there is strong interrelations between appearance and personality, but we always must take into consideration all circumstances.

In What Way Is a Person`s Character, Mood, Social Status Reflected in His or Her Clothes?

There is strong interrelation between person`s mood, character and social status. For instance, wealthy and famous people buy expensive clothes designed by couturier. Charismatic persons wears very bright and refined dress which discriminate them from crowd. Homogeneous black wardrobe has sensitive and susceptible ones who want warm, care and attention. Also people with high social status keep up with the times and therefore dress up. Hardly ever you may see politician or top- manager of prosperous company in scruffy and disheveled trousers. They always put on wearing appropriate to the particular situating. However all these suggestions don`t work in all situations, because people is so different that even president in one day could decide to put on frayed jeans in official meeting.

Day in My Life When I Was Really Happy

The happiest day of my life connected with my father, when he decided to surprise me on my birthday. It was Spring, the lovely sunny day, when dad came from work. «If you promised to be polite, I make you dream true»- he said. This phrase stirred me very much and after several minutes of hesitation, I agreed. In a few minutes Dad brought on the hand a little puppy. I was astonished and happy. I couldn`t express fully my happiness, but it was really unforgettable and beautiful moment of my childhood. When my Dad saw how I play with Tarzan his eyes shined. From that time I know that when you make people happy – you became happy too.


Outfits Which I Wear to Different Occasions

Our outfit depends on what we are going to do, where we are going and for what purpose. Our clothes should be appropriate to the occasion we are going to or else people wouldn’t be adequate with us. Every sensible person must know witch clothes is appropriate in any particular occasion. For example if we are going to the stadium we dress sneakers, jeans and T-shirt, but not a dinner coat with cravat which is putting on when you go to the restaurant or to the business appointment. Also clothing choice should be based on the weather conditions: it would be better to dress trousers and cardigan going to the beach instead of swimsuit if it is windy and cold. Therefore before you go somewhere think twice what you should dress to this occasion.


Factors I Consider When I Buy a New Piece of Clothing. Places I Usually Shop for Clothes

When I buy a new piece of clothing I pay attention on many factors. First of all, I examine if this garment suits me. Secondly, I estimate suitability of the price and quality, because these components play the most important role. Thirdly, I evaluates the material and trendiness. As to material, I like natural cloth: silk, cotton, leather, wool and flax. In reference to vogue it doesn`t much important for me. There is no stabile place where I usually buy clothes, because I do it spontaneous and every time in another place, but in recent time I dispose to buy clothes in boutique. Yes, it is expensive, but quality also is high and I think it worse.


Describing of the Appearance of a Pop Star or a Well-Known Person

Dmytro Dontsov – is my idol and father of Ukrainian nationalism whose appearance I want describe. He is tallness and well built with short, straight, dark hear. He is enough pretty: high forehead, large clear hazel eyes, distinct eyebrows, straight nose, generous mouth. His complexion a little tanned, but it produce a good impression. The way he walking is a typical, but his voice has a special timbre, which make his manner of talking very charming. In clothes he appreciate convenience and practicalness, so he like to wear shoes, dinning jacket and tie. In general his appearance is quiet attractive and he don’t suffer from lack of attention.


Describing of the Appearance of Someone Who is Special for Me

I want to describe my spiritual mentor, Alexander. He is well-built, stout, shouldered and short. His shapely physique reflect rude health and exceptional strength. He has sparkling eyes, thin eyebrow, high forehead and ridiculous moustache, that makes his appearance very strange. He looks like philosopher who practice bodybuilding. Curly hair of black complexion is very unsuitable to his appearance. Square chin and little mouse affirm that this man has unbelievable will-power. He always wears the same old, but tidy clothes and this makes him mysterious and charismatic. So, that is how looks someone who is special for me.


You Are What You Wear

Our personality totally reflects in our routine life, in all our habits and in behaviour and especially in our clothes. Garment could tell us much more than we think about his owner. For example, old-fashioned clothes signify that man is conservator and belong to old elite. Another important thing is price. Stylish tuxedo with bow tie and shiny shoes means that owner have great power and influence in society. On the contrary, loose, baggy clothes tell that man love comfort and don`t want to sacrifice oneself due to emboding of ambition. Color also can give some information, for instance extravert wears flowery and spot trousers and T-short and introvert prefers more monotonous clothes. All in all, people are what they wear and we should only to be attentive.

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