Describing of the Personalities of an Ideal Wife and Ideal Husband

The personalities of ideal wife and husband not necessarily have to be almost identical, they should to complement one another. Spouses should be like water with fire singing one old song and in my opinion it`s quite true. Husband must be strong, masculine, have determined character and in the same time he should be sensitive, warm-hearted, tender. His partner should feel safety and well-being. On the other hand, ideal wife is womanly, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted with reach inner world and exquisite taste. She should be regardful, kind and remind her husband his mother. Berehynia of domestic fire combined with wild Aphrodite is an ideal wife personality. To sum up, my image of ideal personalities of spouses hold ancient traditions of my family clan and a some of my desires.

Which Outside Factors and Circumstances can Influence Your Mood? In What Way?

By the nature I am very extrovert - optimistic and joyful guy, who interested in all tings in the whole world, but some people and circumstances can madden me and make upset. It happens not very often, but always is very serious – I felt into deep depression, which caused by disappointing in life and people, who didn`t support my projects. So, I fell frustration when my plans crushes. Also some evil, overbearing and vain people can upset me, but it hard to do, because, as I say, I am very cheerful person. In the long run, I must say, that my mood almost totally depend on my inner world, because exactly in inside world I decide how to estimate all situation in life.

Describing the Appearance of a Person I Find Very Attractive

Once, when I was going in a tram I saw incredibly beautiful girl. I caught my breath and only watching her appearance. Her constitution was pretty good and slendler and reflected femininity, but in the same time she tanned, athletic body. She had shining black eyes, little, neat mouse and attractive straight nose. Her thick hair winsomely felt on her tender shoulders. Girl was well-groomed and wearing very pretty red evening dress which perfectly suited her. She looked amazing and all her appearance reflected charisma.

Traits of Character I Do Normally Associate With typical Representatives of the Following Professions: an Actor, a Politican, a Teacher, a Nurse, a Top Executive of a Multinational Company

Each profession demand a specific particular traits of character from people, therefore all professionals have in possession appropriate traits. For instance, an actor is charismatic, artistic, easy-going and sociable. A politicians have many in common with actors, because they also must play on large audience. Moreover, politicians associate in my mind also like decisive and talented strategists with critical method of thinking. Teachers in general are very patient and sociable, because they love children more than all other things in world. Nurses are very kind and altruistic, unambitionious and forbearing. Pragmatic, ambitionious, goal-seeking responsible and empowered are a top executive of multinational company, I think. Thus, as we saw each profession demand it`s own specific character.

The Personally of My Best Friend

My best friend Ivan is very extraordinary person, because of his inadequate behavior which reflect reach inner world. He is stargazer and idealist who firmly want to make this world better. This is the chief thing I like. Whole his worldview enveloped with romantic dreams, but another side of his person is really crazy. Sometimes, he proposed to do some unbelievable things like skipping on bike in the river from bridge. Also he is very emotional and sensitive, therefore perceived all events extremely personal. Just that very combinations of wildness and dreaminess which composed so harmonious make him so personable that I couldn`t be a long time without his presence.



The Personality of Someone I Really Admire

My best friend is a person who`s individuality I really admire. First of all, I delighted with his faithfullyness and sincerity. These features are the corner stone of our friendship. Secondly, he astonishes me by his enthusiastic and obstinate attitude to the life. He never lose hart even in the most dangerous and psychologically difficult situations. I respect his artistic and creative abilities and diligence. He is a strong and resolute personality who always take the responsibility for all he say and do. Also he is quite easy-going and sociable. This set of the trait of character made him charismatic and attractive for people. Consequently, I am cock sure that combination of this traits of character will bring success to his owner.

The Personality of My Role-Model(A Peson I Want to Be Like)

Everybody has his own ideal personality which lived in the mind and develops during the whole life. My fantasy created my personal example of the human I want follow to. This is a mix from many famous statesman and public figures. Firstly, I want became more decisive and convincing. Two these features always let you to rise to the occasion. Also it would be better to be more patient and mindful to others, because all my life I concentrate on the remote thoughts and ideas, therefore my close people suffer from lack of attention. All in all, I refine my character permanently and with my personality modify my role-model personality.


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